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Ocular’s innovative Crystal Touch line of projected capacitive touch panels are ideally suited for applications that require high durability, advanced multi-touch functionality and optical clarity, even in harsh and demanding environments.

With Crystal Touch, designers are able to combine the vibrant optical quality of a TFT display, the convenience of an easy-to-use touch panel and the extreme durability of projected capacitive technology required by demanding embedded applications.

Touch Technologies

Touch panels are becoming increasingly critical in embedded applications where multi-touch and advanced gesturing are required, such as industrial control systems, point of sale and many others. Ocular, the leader in touch technology, has touch panel solutions that are uniquely suited for these embedded applications.

LCD Modules

With a full line of standard LCD/LCM and interface products, Ocular can provide the solution best suited for your application. Our TN, STN and FSTN products are available in a wide range of alpha-numeric and graphic modules ranging from 16 x 2 character format to QVGA resolution.

Plastic Moulding from Display Developments

Plastic vacuum forming is the essential plastic manufacture process, turning a simple sheet of acrylic or Perspex into just about anything. The possibilities are endless with thermoplastics as they can transform a basic, flat panel into a multi-dimensional item.

The application of heat allows the sheet to be converted into complex shapes and components to be fabricated and assembled together. Display Developments provide the plastic moulding service as part of the manufacturing process and use it heavily when prototyping and developing.

The full range of Vacuum Forming services  includes:

  • Plastic vacuum forming 1 x 1.63m)
  • Local line bending
  • Pressure asssisted forming (high-definition)
  • Blow moulding
  • Drape moulding
  • Press forming

With four different sized machines to choose from, they are suitably equipped to satisfy all general-purpose plastic vacuum forming products and requirements – and physical large format plastic moulders, pavement display boards and production vacuum forming have become our speciality.

Display Developments have over 30 years’ experience in the VAC forming and display equipment industry, so you can trust that we’re an established and professional company. Their longevity is a testament to their vacuum forming plastic services and competitive prices.

To learn more about the Display Developments VAC forming services and how we can incorporate them into a complete development or fabrication and assembly process, email